Deck Rejuvenation

Transforming your tired weathered deck into a rejuvenated durable deck.

All types of decks

Deck Tech can rejuvenate all types of decking, hardwood, treated pine even a cleaning service for composite decking.

Annual Maintenance

Deck Tech offers ongoing maintenance to assure a long lasting durable surface.

Paving Rejuvenation

Deck Tech can revitalise grimy, moss covered surfaces into cleaner safer ones.

Deck Restoration, Cleaning, Sealing and Rejuvenation in Melbourne

Timber Decking

Currently the majority of decking we service in Melbourne is, Merbau (an imported hardwood timber), Spotted Gum, Iron Bark, and Black Butt with the occasional Southern Mahogany and Yellow Stringy Bark (all hardwoods native to Australia). All these timbers have different properties and therefore require slightly different approaches to creating the best end result. The Australian native timbers used for decking tend to be more dense and waxy to touch. They tend to leach less Tannins than Imported Merbau but can be susceptible to mold if not treated correctly to start with.

Soft Brush Clean/Sand

Brushing made for the easy, efficient and soft cleaning of timber decking.
Coatings, dirt and grey layers are thoroughly taken away leaving the timber ready for maximum oil penetration.
Allows oils to penetrate deeper in to timber and providing improved timber density, thus increasing slip resistance and enhancing the grain appearance. Integrated vacuum cleaner for efficient containment of wood dust.

Does not require pre punching of protruding nails or screws.

Fence & Screening

These areas are dealt with in a similar manner to Timber Decking. The main difference is that they are more often than not vertical and can be more difficult to deal with. Deck Tech has access to the latest products to give you a longer lasting and more durable finish.