Rejuvenating service for all Timber Decking, Cladding, and Screening

“Deck Tech is a Rejuvenating service for all Timber Decking, Cladding, and Screening. Using products that are low impact on the environment is a priority and working closely with the manufacturers of our products we can ensure that we are getting the best product possible and ultimately providing the best possible end result.”

We prefer to pressure clean the area and in some extreme cases use low impact strippers to remove old deteriorated sealers rather than Sanding the area. This is less detrimental to the timber and its fixings. Sanding will often flatten the look of the timber by removing the beveled profile from your boards. Sanding will also reduce the thickness of your timber and is often a compromising factor in your fixings starting to give way. Once your fixings are compromised decking will often cup, holding moisture when its wet and in some cases causing a trip hazard. The key to a good deck is firstly its construction and secondly the quality of the product used to seal/oil it

As with many things the key is in the preparation. Using low VOC (volatile organic compounds)products we can ensure that the surface is at its best to receive the sealer/oil maximizing the sealer/oils performance and adhesion. Every deck/ timber surface is going to be susceptible to the elements. Rain and in particular Sun and its damaging UV rays will break down the protective coating protecting the timber from greying cracking and ultimately breaking down. Deck Tech will provide a durable long lasting finish but will also provide a follow up service once per year to ensure your finish lasts well into the future.

It is important to keep your sealer/oil topped up, which only costs a fraction of the price of rejuvenating. Decking is particularly susceptible to wear being flat it collects dust, which is abrasive when tracked with shoes, feet, paws or wheels. You will often see doorways and exits to steps and paths showing signs of deterioration. Cleaning the deck on a regular basis and removing these abrasive particles prolongs the life of your sealer/oil.